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How to Restore Corrupt MS Project 2010 file?

Project Restore Toolbox (Download) recovers the structure of MPP documents on all PC workstations and answers how to restore corrupt MS Project 2010 file without any difficulties by following the guidelines of .MPP file file corrupt restore program. Owing to the compatibility of Project Restore Toolbox with any computer working under MS Windows, you should simply get the only installation file of Microsoft Project file corruption and restoration program, click it to continue and wait until the end of installation that should not take more than several seconds.

Click the shortcut of Project Restore Toolbox when ready and prepare to open corrupted documents of MPP supported format as soon as you make a decision to start analysis. Do not worry about the integrity of processed information, Project Restore Toolbox works offline and never forwards sensible data to other sites. Project Restore Toolbox provides the following services:

  • Explains how to restore corrupted .MPP file regardless the software environment and other factors;
  • Answers how do I restore a MS Project plan and efficiently repairs MPP files of any version;
  • Responds how do I restore a MS Project file and recovers Microsoft Projects regardless the severity of problem;

How to Restore Corrupted .MPP file?

  • Works with copies of input documents so the structure of Microsoft Project files remains untouched;
  • Rebuilds corrupted files of MPP supported format and converts data into clean files

Note: Project Restore Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft Project .mpp files.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above