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  • How to restore corrupted .psd files?

Restore Corrupt Photoshop file

Photoshop Restore Toolbox (Download) to restore corrupt Photoshop file if something goes wrong with these documents and there is no way of accessing these files normally. Check it out how to restore corrupted Photoshop file, follow all guidelines of Photoshop Restore Toolbox and make sure it the easiest way to resolve damages, caused by external issues or internal problems, including user mistakes, for example.

Photoshop Restore Toolbox answers how to restore corrupted PSD files and offers the compatibility with any computer running the MS Windows operating system so you may get the only installation file of Adobe Photoshop recovery program, deploy it on your computer and follow all guidelines of Photoshop Restore Toolbox to continue. This application provides the following services:

  • Explains how to restore corrupted .PSD files and provides step by step guidelines of analysis;
  • Recovers Adobe Photoshop files of any size, version and reason of damage;
  • Provides the description of how to restore Photoshop project for all users, including beginners;

How to Restore Photoshop project?

  • Gets back PSD files to work by rebuilding the internal structure of corresponding documents;
  • Easy interface explains how to restore a PSD file much better than instructions and guides;
  • Converts image information into clean documents of Adobe Photoshop supported format

System requirements: Windows 98 and above