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Restore OneNote Recods

OneNote Restore Toolbox (Download) is exactly what you are looking for to protect sensible information from damages, caused by external factors or internal influence. Developers of this tool know what to do when OneNote restore personal information corrupt and there is a risk of losing personal information. Microsoft Office One Note restore structure guarantees the privacy of analysis and file restoration so there is no need to worry about the loss of personal information, this restore corrupted One Note tool works offline and never forwards the results of work, some external requests and other sensible information to external services, file servers and other companies. Get free version right now and learn how to recover OneNote files after computer restore. OneNote Restore Toolbox does the following:

  • Repairs corrupted ONE files of any size, version and root cause of damage;
  • Provides easy and friendly user interface, clear for all customers regardless their competence;
  • Restore OneNote recods in any environment, from older computers to newer PC workstations;
  • Automatically repairs the structure of corresponding ONE files and converts corrupted data into clean and openable documents of ONE supported format.

How to Recover OneNote Files After Computer Restore?

  • Provides easy interface of OneNote restore corrupt and step by step guidelines of data restoration;
  • Does not change the structure of analyzes ONE files during the recovery

Note: OneNote Restore Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft OneNote .one or .onenote files.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above